When to Use the Different Types of Widgets on Boards Course

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Learn about the different types of widgets you can add to Boards and when it makes sense to use each type


When to Use the Different Types of Widgets on Boards Course



About this course


Create impactful Boards for your stakeholders by knowing when to use the different types of widgets! 


Who should take this course?


Although this course is primarily aimed at those who are building Boards for planning and reporting, everyone is welcome to take the course to better understand the different types of widgets that you will see on Boards. 


Topics Covered

  • Explain when to use one widget type over another on a Board depending on what you want to do

  • Display detailed data on a Board with grids

  • Draw attention to data quickly on a Board with charts

  • Validate and update data in Pigment on a Board with lists

  • Highlight Key Performance Indicators on a Board with KPIs

  • Provide additional context on a Board with text

  • Perform actions on a Board with buttons

  • View examples of each widget type 


Content Type

  • On-Demand

  • Micro-lesson


Course Duration : About 5 minutes


Take course! 


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Comment below on some of the creative ways you’ve used different widgets or let us know your thoughts on the course!

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