Congrats to our most active Top Modelers from Q4 2022!

  • 6 January 2023
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Every quarter we award our most active users of Pigment with the Top Modeler badge.

Top Modeler Q4 2022 Badge

We’re delighted to announce the recipients for Q4 (closing out 2022!) as:

@Eda@Yannick, @Rares@aufdenkamp, @rschimm, @Anne-Laure, @Cécile@venitiav@LEO E@Antoine@ClementineEv@Anthony@Omer Nahum@JSU@ostaiger@Steven Congar, @JuliaSp  🏆🏆🏆

Thank you for your commitment and exploration of Pigment! We’re excited to hear more about how you’re using Pigment at your organisation. 👏

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a pleasure to see all of you so active !

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@Rares @venitiav Congratulations 😁 !!!