Congratulations to our Q1 2023 top Pigment modelers! 🎉

  • 4 May 2023
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Every quarter we award our most 20 active users of Pigment with the Top Modeler badge 🏆


We’re delighted to announce the recipients for Q1 2023 as:

@Emilia , @Eda@venitiav@lpaul@Alexandre@Anas Tahri@CBGong@laura@Olivia Van Gerven@rschimm@Yannick@Antoine@Josh@Thanh@Rares@Anthony@Clément Betin@ClementineEv@Vmanek@Guillermo Puls  🥳🥳🥳

Thank you for your commitment and exploration of Pigment! We’re excited to hear more about how you’re using Pigment at your organisation 👏


We’ll be back after Q2 with another round! 

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My mum will be so proud

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Well done 😁 @Thanh @Rares @Clément Betin @Anas Tahri @venitiav  !!!!