Adding items to a list from a Board

  • 1 August 2022
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Depending on your use case, the ability to add items to a dimension list is a powerful feature.  This article explains how to use the ability for users to add items to lists without needing the ability to configure boards.


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In order for users to be able to add items to a list on a board, users must have the Add & remove List Items permissionThis permission is established in the Modeler and Admin default roles.


How it works


If a user has the correct permissions, they can right-click on a published list from a board and add new items.  The item's location will be determined by which item is clicked on and if the user chooses to Add item above or Add item below.  You can also enable an Add Item or add multiple items icon at the top of the list widget. With this enabled, when a user hovers over a published list, they will see the option to add one or more items to that list. Once clicked, you will see empty cells at the bottom of the list.




Display Add items button


To activate an Add Items and add multiple items button at the top of a list, open the widget settings for the published list. Activate the Display “Add Items” buttons toggle to display those buttons when a user hovers over the list.


Automatically add List Properties 


If you are using a grouping property as a page selector on a Board and that only one page option is selected, adding a new item to that list will automatically fill in that property with the page option selected. 



Adding an item is unavailable due to the current Page selection


When using a page selector related to the list, it could either be the list itself or a grouping property of the list, in both of these cases, there can not be multiple items selected.  

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This is really a game changer for end-users!