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  • 15 February 2024
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In Pigment, you use Libraries to easily display Views on other Applications’ Boards. This is particularly useful for sharing data visualizations or reports with other teams or stakeholders, without needing to duplicate the underlying data or recreate the Views. 

Adding Views to Application Libraries is especially beneficial when collaborating on cross-functional projects, or when different teams need to analyze and present data from the same source. Instead of manually recreating the Views, or needing to share individual Blocks, you can add just the Views to the Application Library, saving time and effort while maintaining consistency and accuracy.

Before you begin

Here are some considerations before you start:

  • Permissions. You need to have the Configure Public Views permission to add or remove Views in the Library. 
  • Use Case. It's important to understand when to share Blocks and when to add Views to the Application Library:
    - Share Blocks when they need to be used by other Applications in their Metric's structure or they need to be referenced in formulas.
    - Add Views to the Library when the View needs to be displayed on other Application’s Boards.
    For more information, see Using Libraries to share data between Applications.
  • Members’ access rights and permissions. Check the permissions for Members who will access your View from another Application. When you display a View from a source Application to a target Application, the permissions and access rights applied to the shared View are those from the source Application.
    That is: Members with access to your View have access to the Block settings, history, and other information belonging to the View according to their permissions and access rights in the source Application  

Members need to have the Display Application or Open Block Explorer permissions in the source Application to display Views from the target Application.

Add a View to the Library

You can quickly add a single View from Transactions Lists, Dimension Lists, Tables, and Metrics and Tables to the Library using the View panel.

If you need to add multiple Views, see the Add Multiple Views to a Library section further in this article.

  1. Go to your source Application and open the View panel.
    A green open book icon indicates any Views already added to the Library.
  2. Select the View you want to share and click the menu (...).
  3. Click Add to Library.
    Add a View to the Library

Add Multiple Views to a Library

You can quickly add several Views from the same Block to your Library in Block Settings.

  1. Locate the Block with the Views you want to add to the Application Library.
  2. Click the menu (...).
  3. Click Settings, and then go to the Library section.
  4. Click Add all existing Views to the Library or Add specific Views to the Library
    Add Multiple Views to a Library


Monitor your Views Usages

Let’s say you need a reminder of the Views you’ve added to the Library, or where they’re used. There are a few easy ways to to see this information:

Summary of the Views added to the Library:

  • In All Blocks:
    - Click Display on the top right corner.
    - Toggle on the Views option.
    This displays the number of Views and the number of Views added to the Library for each Block.
    Usage Summary in All Blocks

  • In your Block’s Settings:
    - Click Library.
    Here you see the all Views that have been added to the Library for this Block. 

Review in which Boards your Views are used:

  • In the View panel:
    - Hover over the View you want to review. 
    A panel confirms how many Boards your View is used in. If you review View Usages from the source Application you see all cross-application Usages. However, if you review View Usages from the Target Application you only see Block usages. 
    - Click the View panel to display in which Applications and in which Boards this View is used. 



  • In the Block Settings:
    • Click on Usages.
    • Click on View Usages in the Boards section.

Review which Views from other Applications you are using:

  • In Libraries:
    - Go to the Library, expand an App library and see which Views from other Applications are being used in your Application.
    For example, it has text similar to the following:
    7/17 Views used

    -  Locate the Block you need, and click View usages.
    This displays the Views used in the Application you’re currently working in. 
    Review Views Usages from Libraries


Remove Views from the App Library

  1. Locate the Block you want to update. 
  2. Click the Block menu (...).
  3. Click Settings, and then go to the Library section.
    Here you see all theViews that have been added to the Library for this Block. 
  4. Click the delete (X) icon beside each View you want to remove. 
  5. You can also remove a View from the App Library from the View panel.

    You can’t remove Views that are used by other Applications.




Display a View on a Different Board

You can quickly add a single View from Transactions Lists, Dimension Lists, and Metrics and Tables to the Library using the View panel. 

  1. In the target Application, open Settings and click Libraries.
  2. Locate and toggle on the source Application Library that contains the shared View you want to use.

    Use the Active Libraries button, or the search field to locate the Application you need. 

  3.  Go to a Board in the target Application where you want to display the View.
  4. Click + Add a widget and in the menu select the required View from the source Application you want to display on your Board.


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