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  • 12 September 2022
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This article will cover Pigment’s Notification center, the types of notifications that users will receive, and how to understand the details of the notification center.


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What appears in the Notification center?


The Notification center informs users when they are tagged in Pigment.  When a user tags another user in a conversation, a notification will appear when they log into Pigment. Once they open the notification, they will see the message, the location of the message, and how long ago the notification was sent.

The location will include the name of the Board in the title, along with the Application.  When a user clicks on a location, they will be redirected to the Board and the widget where the comment was made. The widget will be highlighted.

Each notification only appears for 30 days, after which the notification will no longer appear. The comment or thread from the conversation will still remain. You can click on the ellipsis next to a notification to mark it as unread.



How to subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications 


How to subscribe to notifications linked to a conversation

If you would like to receive notifications for comments within conversations that you have not been tagged in, you can turn on notifications for a conversation. For that, you need to have access to the conversation.

How to unsubscribe to notifications linked to a conversation

On the contrary, if you are already receiving all notifications from a conversation (because you created it, were mentioned in it, or previously subscribed to it), you can turn off the notifications linked to that conversation: this will turn off both emails and notifications. Any further reply from your end or a mention from another member of the conversation will automatically turn back on the notifications for this conversation.


Stop receiving emails linked to conversations

You also have the ability to stop receiving emails linked to conversations through your account setting. This will turn off all emails linked to conversations until the toggle is turned back on. However, you will still receive Pigment notifications linked to your conversations in your notification center. 


In the sidebar, click on the circle with your initials.

From here, click on Account Settings. 

Once in your account settings, click on the Notifications menu

option under Account Settings.  

This will bring up your options and allow you to turn off email notifications.


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