How to review all my Support tickets?

  • 28 February 2023
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You’d like to review all your Support tickets? Please create an account on our Zendesk Portal.

Here is described the procedure to set it up.


Important note

Pigment is not yet linked to our Support portal, so you’ll have to create a new account/password for Zendesk, our Support tool provider. (different from your Pigment password)


In Pigment click on “Contact us” or follow this link


On our Support Portal, click “Sign in”


First, you have to create a new account which is different from your Pigment one.

Click “Sign up”


Provide your full name and email address


You can close the confirmation pop up and to your emails.

Open the email.

(Check your spams if you haven’t received the email)


Click on “Create a password”


Set up your password to match the requirements.


Good. You’re almost in! Just need to log in now.


Click “Sign in”


Enter your credentials.

(Remember, it’s the new password you’ve just created only for Zendesk)


Done! You’re in.

Now, you can click on your name



And review your activities.

(You can also add more information on your profile, a nice picture of yourself during your last holidays maybe… always good to know each other better 😉 )


You can review all your tickets in your activities.


Shall you need to review all your Company’s tickets, please tell us. We can grant you visibility on all your organization’s Support if you are a Workspace Admin in your Pigment organization.


Any other request, please contact us 😊





3 replies

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Hi @Benoit 

I have sign up with rediffmail ID but I raised some requests previously by our company email id which I cannot see here.

Please guide me how we can bring all previous request to here.

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Hi Abhilashsawla, hope you’re well!

If you are a Workspace Admin you can raise a request here to see all of your organizations tickets. If you are not a Workspace Admin you will not be able to see the tickets raised by the alternative email ID you have used unless you create a login for that account.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks @Keiran , I have raised a request for the same.