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  • 17 October 2023
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On this page we outline how you can obtain specific badges 🥇

Our badges are designed to award different kinds of contributing to the Community. We want to ensure our members receive recognition for their activity and have something to show for their efforts.


Badge Name Criteria


Emerging Author Posts (question, conversation, article): 5


Author Posts (question, conversation, article): 15


Distinguished Author Posts (question, conversation, article): 60


Expert Author Posts (question, conversation, article): 120


Emerging Helper Answers: 1


Helper Answers: 10


Distinguished Helper Answers: 25


Expert Helper Answers: 100


Emerging Chatterbox Replies: 10


Chatterbox Replies: 25


Distinguished Chatterbox

Replies: 100


Expert Chatterbox Replies: 250


Emerging Connoisseur Likes given: 10


Connoisseur Likes given: 50


Distinguished Connoisseur Likes given: 100


Expert Connoisseur Likes given: 300


Star Likes received: 10


Superstar Likes received: 50


Icon Likes received: 100


Legend Likes received: 300


Innovator Submit an idea


Builder Idea delivered into Pigment


Socialite Attend events: 1


Distinguished Socialite Attend events: 5


Expert Socialite Attend events: 20


Pigment Modelling Fundamentals Passed Pigment Modelling Fundamentals exam


Partner Solution Consultant Certified Partner Solution Consultant Certified


Partner Sales Enabled Partner Sales Enabled


Partner Delivery Certified Partner Delivery Certified


Pigment-versary Anniversary: 1 year


Pigment-versary 2 Anniversary: 2 year


Pigment-versary 3 Anniversary: 3 year


Pigment-versary 4 Anniversary: 4 year




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