How to push data from Looker to Pigment

  • 21 December 2021
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How to push data from Looker to Pigment
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Looker offers a solution to export your Looks through different Deliveries such as email, SFTP or a webhook. Those Deliveries can be either "One-shot" or "Recurring". Let's see how to use it to synchronize your Looker data with Pigment.


To configure it, you will need to: 

  1. Create an Import Pipeline in Pigment
  2. Get an authentication Pigment Api Key
  3. Create a Webhook Delivery in Looker 



Create an import Pipeline


Download as CSV the Look you wish to export to Pigment. Then follow the How to generate an import pipeline ID in Pigment documentation. At the end of that step, you should have your Import Pipeline ID.



Get a Pigment API key


The Pigment Api Key is used to authenticate Looker to Pigment. 

Contact Pigment support to request it Pigment API Key. 



Create a Webhook Delivery in Looker


By creating a Webhook Delivery, Looker will push the data of your Look directly into Pigment.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Create a delivery
  2. Select the webhook in "Where your data should go"
  3. Input the following webhook URL{pipeline-Id}?api_key={API-key} ; don't forget to replace the pipeline-ID and API-key with the one you got from the two previous steps
  4. Select CSV in “Format data”

Please refer to Looker Documentation for more details. 

Looker offers you a large range of scheduling options to trigger this Delivery on daily, weekly or monthly basis.



Once you have set up a recurring delivery of your Look, Looker displays that schedule on the Schedules page. This option is only visible if your Looker admin has given you permission to schedule dashboards and Looks. For more information please consult Looker Documentation.


Once configuration is done, check that the integration is working correctly and importing successful on the Pigment side using the update history panel. Check the standard API documentation for more details.


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