Downloading your data from Pigment

  • 28 February 2022
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Sometimes you might want to download the data you are using in your view in Pigment to share it or to re-use it outside of the application. It might also be convenient when you want to paste or transfer your data into another application. 


There are currently three data download format options in Pigment: 

Export to CSV

Export to Excel (.xlsx)

Export to Excel (.xlsx) not formatted 


This feature can be accessed through a Block view (Metric, Dimension, Transaction or Dimension List) by navigating on the table symbol in the right upper corner of your view and right-clicking on Download as:





Only Tables and Metrics have an option to be downloaded in Excel. Dimensions and Transactions Lists can be downloaded only in CSV format. 



When willing to download your data from Tables or Metrics, what format should you choose for an export? What are the differences and particularities of each of them? 



Export your data to CSV file 


CSV format is one of the simplest and most flexible structure formats of data that is supported by a wide range of tools, databases, and programming languages. Exporting your data in CSV can be a very convenient way to share your data if you don’t want to perform any further modifications. In this format, you will end up with raw data. 



Export your data to Excel (.xlsx)


Exporting your data in Excel will create a spreadsheet that is editable and viewable in Excel. It makes your data easy to re-group, combine and re-format if you open it in Microsoft Office. As well as CSV, Excel file can be used as your local reference file on your computer so that it is easily available to you at any time offline. 



Export your data to Excel (.xlsx) not formatted 


The purpose of downloading your data in this format is to have raw, unstyled data that you can then further edit in Microsoft Office. 



Cells are "merged" in Excel format, and repeated in CSV and unformatted Excel format.





Initial view in Pigment:




View when data is downloaded in a CSV format




View when data is downloaded in Excel (.xlsx) format




View when data is downloaded in Excel (.xlsx) not formatted format



Notice how ‘Actuals’ are repeated in each row when the data is exported in the CSV and unformatted Excel formats and how ‘Actuals’ are ‘merged’ when downloaded in ‘Excel’. 




You can access the data download feature through your Boards by expanding your Block. To expand click on the symbol as shown in the image below. 









3 replies

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Quick question:

What type user/licences are allowed to download data that way? also contributors and viewers?

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Hi Jose, 

Thanks for your question! 

Whenever a user has a right to read data, he can download it. 

Licence type doesn’t matter as long as in the 'Role' Dimension List in the Security folder, the data access rights are set as allowed to 'Read'. 

Hope this helps. 

You can find more information about the access rights in this article



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Hi Katrina, are Pigment planing to activate the option for downloading Dimensions and Transactions Lists in excel? It’s really important for us.