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  • 12 January 2024
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When working in Pigment, you’ll need to remove items from a Dimension or Transaction List at some point. Depending on how many items you want to delete, here are options on how to remove one item or several.  

Members must have the Remove List Items permission to remove List items. You can assign this permission for specific Lists within a Role. 

Use Delete Item Option

Removing a single item is straightforward.

  1. Open your List from your Board or your Block Explorer. 
  2. Right-click the item you want to remove, and select Delete Item

    You can also right-click on a published list from a Board and remove List items from there. 

Delete a single item in a List


Use Manage Items Option

You can delete several items at once from a List: 

  1. Open your List from your Board or your Block Explorer. 
  2. (Optional) Create a filter to display only the List items that you want to delete. 
  3. Click Manage Items from the block header.
  4. Select the checkboxes beside the items you want to delete. 
    As you select items in the list, you see the number of items selected, and a Delete button located at the bottom.
  5. Click Delete
Deleting several items using Manage Items


Clear Items Prior to Import Option

Another option for removing multiple items is to use the Clear Items Prior to Import option during an import. This method clears items in your Transaction list and then replaces them with items from imported data. This option isn’t available for Dimension Lists. 

There are two options to specify which items are deleted. The default setting removes the entire list of items, the other option is where you select a limited scope of items that you want to delete. For more information, see Clear Items prior to import in Transactions Lists.  

If you want to know more about List management in Pigment, see Frequently asked questions about List Management

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