How to write your idea => use the Idea Post Template

  • 20 October 2022
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You can use this template below to format your idea before publishing it. You can just copy paste and replace the text.


Idea Title:
Online music streaming play Button


Idea Brief:
Pigment should have a button (like the help button) that would let you activate some music connected to our online music streaming platform. It would help a lot!


Description and Context:
As FP&A workers and Pigment modelers, we sometimes work very hard, in a stressful & demanding environment. We forget to take care of ourselves. Which should not be the case. Hopefully Pigment simplifies our work but having this button would allow us to activate some music without leaving Pigment, staying focused and enjoying the work with good vibes. The ability to select a playlist and skip a song would also be amazing!


Business impact:
We believe this is highly critical for our business as it would increase the productivity alongside with people’s happiness! Less stress would immediately benefits our internal communications, which would have a great and immediate impact on our results.

Examples and resources:
Screenshot + source link:


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