Unable to log in / sign in to Pigment? How to troubleshoot

  • 19 July 2022
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You are having troubles to log into Pigment, here are a few advices to help you troubleshoot your issue. 



Unable to sign in error




1 - Ensure your email address and password are correct.

Basic, yes, but still happens. 


2 - Have you change your type of sign in method?

If you used to connect with Google SSO or any other SSO method, please try again using this method.


3 - Try to reset your password

Click on “Need help signing in? > Forgot password?



You clicked on Sign in, the loading wheel turns and nothing happens




1 - Verify your internet connection

Please refresh and try again.
But if you’re reading this, that is probably not the problem.


2 - Verify your local computer clock settings

Have you recently moved from a region to another? Is your computer new?

Your computer’s clock settings need to match the internet-based time service.



We found some errors



1 - Verify if you’re allowed to navigate to Pigment websites

Ensure login.pigment.app. is listed as a secure domain.
You would also need to authorize: 
- changelog.pigment.app
- help.pigment.app
- community.gopigment.com
- academy.gopigment.com





Shall you have any other issue, please create a Support ticket.

We’re here to help 😉

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