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  • 18 August 2022
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In any Block (List, Metric or Table) you can choose to visualize your data in a specific way. This is what we call a View. You can have multiple different views that might differ if you are going to use them in grids, charts, and KPIs.

Coming Soon - Adding Views to a Library! 


In order to be able to save a public View, a Member must have the Configure Public Views permission. All other Members will be able to create personal views directly within a Block.


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What changes can be made to a view?

There are a few features that can be used to modify your views. 

  • Formatting and styling can be applied including the font style, value displaying, and colors for headers or specific cells.
  • Conditional Formatting can be used to color cells based on data values. 
  • Totals  can be added using the Aggregator Panels.
  • Filtering can be used to remove items from view.
  • Pivot can adjust where dimensions are located in columns, rows or page selectors. 
  • Sort can be used to change the order of items depending on their values.

Make a View Available in Other Applications


You can quickly add a single View from Transactions Lists, Dimension Lists, Tables, and Metrics and Tables to the Library using the View panel.

Add a View to the Library

 For more information on using Views in other Applications, see:


Public vs personal Views


Public Views are saved views that are accessible for all Members who have access to that Block. These views can only be created by Members with Configure Public View permission.  Public views are available to be duplicated when copying a Block and are the only views that can be published to a Board.


Personal views are Member specific views that require no permission to be created. They are only available directly within a Block and can not be used or created on a Board. This means that Members without the Block explorer permission must use the Expand feature on a widget to create a personal View.


Once saved, Members can send a personal View by using the Copy link option. This option is available by clicking on the three dots next to the view in the View Panel. The Member receiving the link will see the saved configuration but will not have this view appear in their view panel.



When sending a Personal View via Copy Link, any changes made by other users can be saved to this personal view.  This is why we recommend duplicating a shared view if you want your own version.

In this example, I save a personal View and use the Copy Link functionality to send this view to another Member.  If they save  any changes without duplicating it will save under my personal view.


Accessing the view panel 


To access the view panel from a Block, click on the name of the view in the top left corner.  From here, you can switch between the different views and use the Search to find a specific view. Each Member will see all Public views. Personal views are Member specific.  

When you share personal views with the Copy link, those views will only appear in the personal view panel until you refresh the page or if you leave the panel.  If you want to save it, you must duplicate the view. 



Set default view 


Blocks will always open on the default view. Users with Configure blocks and Configure views permissions can set a view as default.  In the view panel, click on the ellipsis(...) next to a view to select Set as default view.


You also have a few other options in this menu.   

  • Rename View- used to rename views, this will not affect them if they are referenced in other places.
  • Edit Description - used to adjust the description that is seen when Members hover over a view
  • Duplicate View - this will create a copy of the current view. If a Member does not have Configure Public View permission this will appear as “Duplicate view as personal View”
  • Delete View - used to delete views.This option will not be available if there are unsaved changes.
  • Save as - this creates a new view based on the changes you have made. This option is only available after a change is made.
  • Copy Link - will copy a link that can be sent to other Members to access that View.  This option will not be available if there are unsaved changes.
  • Add to Library - this adds the View to the Library - COMING SOON! 



Add new View


You can create a new view by hitting the + New View button at the bottom of the view panel. Members with Configure Public View permissions will be able to choose between a Public of Personal View. All other Members will default to Personal and not allow them to change.


Push to Board


The Add to Board option allows publishing a public View on a Board directly from a Block.  This option is located by selecting the dropdown next to the Save View button.  You must first save your changes before you can push the view to a Board. You can even create a new Board from this dropdown.   

Once selected, the current view will appear in the top right of the selected Board.  From there you can adjust the position of the board.




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