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Welcome to Ideas, your spot to help us shape our roadmap on how Pigment grows! This area is set up as a place for you to share and discuss your ideas with the entire Pigment Community. This is also our chance to hear directly from you on how we can improve Pigment. It will give us a chance to engage with everyone and understand the problems they are trying to solve.

Before you submit an idea

Search (please:🙏)

This will help us from having duplicates. There is the ability to comment and upvote to make sure that idea gets more visibility. This also helps us understand if there is a lot of demand for a particular idea. Search within Product ideas, to be able to upvote the idea. You can also review our Roadmap to ensure the idea isn’t already there.  

Describe your idea with as much detail as possible

Screenshots are also greatly appreciated! We also ask that you describe the problem that you are trying to solve. This will help us better understand if we are working on something similar that could solve this.

One idea at a time
Please do not submit multiple ideas on one topic. Otherwise, it becomes messy and nobody knows which feature people who voted want to be implemented. Submitting ideas is free, so don't hold back to submit multiple ideas.


What is the process we use to evaluate ideas?

When you submit a new idea, it will have a Submitted status. Within 2 weeks the product team will have a look at your idea, and possibly ask you some more questions to make sure we understand the idea. After the first review, we will change the status of the idea to reflect our plans for it.

An idea will get one of the following states:

  • Under Review- The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we are not ready yet to decide whether we want to do something with it. This means that we want to wait for more feedback/votes.
  • On the Roadmap - The idea is on our roadmap, which means that we have plans on implementing this feature or similar functionality.  
  • Delivered - The idea has been implemented and is available. You’ll find the documentation linked.
  • Delivered (Partially) - Some aspects of the idea have been implemented and available.
  • Closed (Parked) - We reviewed the idea and we know we won’t build within the next few quarters. This could be because of the complexity of the idea, the value it might return, or the fact that the idea is not aligned with our product strategy.
  • Closed (Duplicate) - The idea is duplicated we will merge the topics, you can see the linked original idea below.
  • Closed - We reviewed the idea and feel it is not an idea that aligns with our product strategy.

Quarterly Ideation Review

We will review all Under Review ideas to re-evaluate their status every quarter. 
We choose to leave ideas Under Review as long as we still believe this might be something we pick up in the future. Expect us to comment on your idea once more if it is being reviewed by us. We will also update any ideas that have been released to include a link to the documentation.  


What happens when an Idea is listed as On the Roadmap?

This means that we have started working on this idea and you should expect an update in the upcoming weeks. We will share dedicated updates on the topic once the idea has been released. 

What happens when we close something (status: closed)?

When an idea receives this status, it can have several reasons (which we will communicate):

  • This is not a good fit with our product vision: we need to focus a certain amount of time on our vision, this makes sure we can make bigger, significant improvements in many fields at the same time.
  • Technical limitations: an improvement might have technical dependencies we need to resolve before we can pick it up (e.g. performance).
  • Return on investment: We get a lot of very good suggestions here. Unfortunately, sometimes, the time which needs to be invested to realize an idea might be too high compared to the actual gain, or it is simply that we could implement other, more meaningful/requested improvements at the same time.

We hope that you are not demotivated when one of your ideas receives this status. We probably even liked your idea as well! And who knows, it could very well be that the reason for refusal might be reverted in the future!?

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