How to generate an Import configuration ID in Pigment

  • 21 December 2021
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This article will focus on generating the Import configurations ID you will need to build a data connector between an external data source, such as Looker or Workday, and Pigment.  



Permission: only users with the Import Data permission in the application can access or Generate import configuration IDs


Generating an import configurations ID


Generating an import configurations ID is a 3-step process: 

  1. Get a CSV extract sample from the external data source
  2. Run an import into Pigment and save your configurations
  3. Copy the import configuration ID in Pigment


Get a CSV extract sample from the external data source


Export the data you want to transfer into Pigment in a CSV format. Make sure the structure of the data is identical to the one that will be used for the integration.  For example, it must have the same headers and CSV delimiter.  Import this data into Pigment once, in order to define how Pigment should read the file and the appropriate mappings. 


Run an import with the sample file in Pigment


Go to the Block (List or Metric) you want to feed with the data. Import the CSV file in the Block using the "Import data from CSV..." feature.

Save the configuration of the import using the "Save as New.." option.

Give a name and description for your import configuration so that you can recognize it in the pipelines list later.




Copy the import configuration ID in Pigment


Once your configuration is saved, go to the Block settings, then to the "Import configurations" section.  If there is an error with the import configuration, you will not be able to copy the ID.

Click on the … Menu next to the configuration  then select Copy ID.


Now you can paste and use this ID to finish the configuration of your data connector. Learn more about how to trigger an import with APIs.



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