Troubleshooting Pigment Connector for Excel

  • 13 July 2023
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This article is designed to help with troubleshooting common issues with Pigment’s Connector for Excel and to share the known limitations with the connector. Please see this article for an overview and how to install the connector.


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Unable to login to Excel Connector


We've identified an issue affecting the Excel Connector add-in that many of you rely on within our application. You may have found previously that you were able to use this with no issues, however it appears recent updates from Microsoft have required adjustments on our end to ensure you are able to use the Excel Connector.. If you're encountering difficulties with the add-in, we've outlined a solution below to get things back on track.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resolve Excel Connector Issues:

  • Launch Excel: Start by opening any file in the desktop version of Excel, then navigate to 'File' > 'Options'.
  • Access Trust Center: Within the Options menu, select 'Trust Center Settings'.
  • Update Trusted Add-In Catalogs: Click on 'Trusted Add-In Catalogs'.
  • Clear Web Add-Ins Cache: Check the option for "Next time Office starts, clear all previously-started web add-ins cache".
  • Restart Excel: Close your Excel file and then reopen it. Once again, go to 'File' > 'Options'.
  • Optimize Compatibility: Move to 'General' and select the radio button for "Optimize for compatibility (application restart required)".

After completing these steps, the Excel Connector add-in should function normally, restoring your seamless workflow.

Additional Resources:
For more detailed guidance, Microsoft provides a helpful document on clearing your cache, which can further assist in resolving any persisting issues. You can access it here: Clear Office Add-Ins Cache.



There are fewer rows or columns being pulled to (Sheet name) compared to the previous data pull. Some data on the sides of the pivot might be lost if you proceed.  Error message explained.


When you are pulling in data from Pigment and the number or rows or columns is smaller, you will receive the following error. “There are fewer rows or columns being pulled to (Sheet name) compared to the previous data pull.
Some data on the sides of the pivot might be lost if you proceed.”  The pivot describes the rows and columns that are being imported in from Pigment.  When the number of rows is smaller, data located in the outside rows will be lost. For example, if you had 15 rows of data and your new pull now had 13 rows of data, any side calculations or notes in the last 2 rows will be deleted.  This also applies if you have less columns. 


Here is an example where there is less data in both rows and columns.  Notice the last row and last column data that is outside the pivot.  It doesn’t matter which item is removed, the last columns and rows will always be the ones removed.




What is the Pigment Connector for Excel’s pivot?


The pivot describes the rows and columns that are being imported in from Pigment.  You can easily highlight it in Excel, type in cmd/ctrl + G to open the Go to screen, from there enter pigment_data to see the area known as the Pivot.  You can also use pigment_metadata to highlight the meta data about your connection.




Why can’t I see my page selectors? 


When viewing the All connections screen, you will not see any individual page selectors.  You must have an individual connection open on a page to see the  Page selectors. 

Click the back button located in the top left of the Pigment connector screen.



Deleting of Sheets with active connection


If a Sheet with an established connection is deleted, the following message will appear “The Sheet could not be found in the Excel document, it may have been deleted”.  You can delete the connection or you can click the … (ellipses) next to the connection to edit the connection.  From there, you can select a new Sheet. 


I have No options under Sheet when creating a connection.


If you see No options when trying to create or duplicate a connection, this is because there are no available Sheets to attach to.  Each sheet within a workbook can only have one connection.  If there are connections established on all sheets, you must create a new sheet before connecting. 


I am not seeing Aggregators being pulled into my spreadsheet for Dimension or Transaction Lists.


This is a known limitation with the connector. We support data pulls with Metrics and Tables, but not with Dimension or Transaction Lists. Feel free to share your feedback with us either through your CSM or by submitting an Idea if this is an important need for you!



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