Block settings for Tables

  • 13 July 2023
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 Block settings allow you to make structural changes and adjust different configuration options for each block type.  This article discusses the different options available for Tables. 


Table of Contents

To access the block settings, navigate to the block, then select the settings icon in the top right.  From block explorer, you can also click on the … menu on the far right and select Settings.




These are the different settings that can be found under the General tab. 



The details section that allows you to make adjustments to the Name of the Table, the Folder it is located in, and the table Description.  The description of the Table is seen in the Block explorer section of the Application. 


Data Input

The Data Input section shows different configurations that be made around entering data within the block.


Automatically saves inputs


The Automatically saves inputs toggle allows you to turn off and on the Autosave functionality.  This setting defines if Members inputs are put into a draft mode until the a save button is hit or if they are instantly saved. 


The Autosave setting for a Table will always override the settings of the Metrics within a Table.  This means if Autosave is turned on for the Table the setting applies to all Metrics in the Table. 




You can duplicate a Table from this section. When duplicating a Table all views are automatically copied.




Metrics within this table


The Metrics within this table section lists all the different Metrics that are used in the Table.  Hover over a Metric to see the Metric’s data type and the Dimensions used for the Metric’s structure. 

Clicking on a Metric will navigate you to that Metric.

Use the Change metrics button to add or remove a Metric.

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