Bring your KPI's to the next level with these tips

  • 23 December 2022
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Clare Boothe Luce


With the latest KPI functionality of Pigment you can build amazing KPI’s! To use this functionality to the full extend we’d like to inform you about the possibilities and best practices. Here are my top tips for KPIs.


  1. Keep it simple

There should be no explanation needed when a user reviews the KPI’s you’ve set up for them. Make sure they are simple, easy to understand and make sense for the users that have access to the board where you published the KPI’s. Try adding a short description beneath your KPI value by using the “Format KPI” functionality in the block. 


  1. Apply conditional formatting where possible


Recently Pigment released conditional formatting for KPI’s. By applying this you immediately visually inform your user about the status of the KPI (is it good or bad?). Especially useful when you’re comparing 2 versions (e.g. Revenue has gone up by 10% vs latest forecast). 

Conditional formatting can be applied very easily. Just apply the conditional formatting in your grid like your used to do. When you transform your grid to a KPI the formatting will be taken over and is included automatically. 




  1. Don’t limit yourself to absolute values

Of course it can be very useful to have KPI’s with absolute values (e.g. FTE in current month, Revenue of this year) but sometimes an absolute value is less informative than a comparison value (e.g. % growth of latest forecast vs budget). Try to find out what your users needs are and adapt your KPI’s to it. 

By using Show value as or Calculated items you can make amazing KPI’s that show the difference between 2 dimension items or between 2 metrics. Your users will be amazed! (don’t forget about the conditional formatting! Especially on comparisons!).

Adding a prefix or suffix to your KPI shows directly what you’re comparing to (example below). 



  1. People judge with their eyes!

Different studies have shown that we like good looking food more than bad looking food, although the taste is the same. We believe this is the same for KPI’s. The first impression is everything. Spend time on choosing your colors and formatting your boards so they look amazing! Add your custom palette with your company’ colours. Show off, don’t be shy!




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