Getting Pigment notifications forwarded to Slack

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Don’t worry, the Slack native connection is still on the roadmap.  In the meantime, we figured we would show you a little Slack hack on how you can get pigment notifications forwarded to your Slack or teams. 



Essentially, what we are going to go over is how you can forward emails from into your individual Slack email or a Slack Channel.


We recommend using your individual Slack email.  When sending to a Channel, you could give information on the underlying data that other members should not have access to.



Step 1. Get your slack email: 


You can follow the instructions from Slack on how to get your individual email address.  I would happily have shown y’all the step-by-step instructions but I realize some of my co-workers would have way too much fun if I exposed my individual Slack email address.  



Step 2. Set up a forwarding rule in your email


Now that you have your individual slack email address, you will want to automatically forward emails via a rule.  Here are instructions to forward email from outlook, and here is how to forward email from gmail.   

When setting up your forwarding, you’ll want to set a filter or rule for the sender’s emails as .   This will ensure that you only send Pigment notifications, you can also apply more advanced filters to only hit certain types of Notifications.


Comment below if you have questions!



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