Introducing the Pigment Connector for Excel, new Learning Path and Vacation Tips for Planners!

  • 3 August 2023
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Introducing the Pigment Connector for Excel, new Learning Path and Vacation Tips for Planners! 

Published August 3rd, 2023

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Hi Friends,


It's that time of year, where the beach umbrellas and out of offices go up. I've got a few tips to help you prepare for your vacations.


First, there are shortcuts in life, just not on your way to your vacation but rather when inputting data. The time you save writing 5k vs 5000, will make you think twice about running a 5k instead of taking a nice long nap in the sun.


Second, never underestimate how helpful suitcase organizers are. They might seem excessive at first but think of them like our new subfolders, an extra layer of storage allowing you to stay organized.   


Lastly, enjoy your vacation stay offline and refresh: and no, I am not talking about Pigment Connector for Excel which allows you to refresh your data and access it offline, I am talking about relaxing and recharging! 



Pigment Connector for Excel


Pigment Connector for Excel

The Pigment Connector for Excel is here!

Once you set up a connection from Pigment into Excel, you can easily pull data into your Excel spreadsheet from Pigment. Adding connections is easy and once established, you can refresh your data with the click of a button. 

Even though this data is available offline, we still do not recommend trying to work on your numbers on a mountain or a beach. 



From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey


From Process to Experience : UX Design Journey

You wouldn't pack your bags for vacation without knowing your destination, so don't start building your application in Pigment before understanding how your team will use it.

That is why we created the From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey learning path. The courses in this path build on one another to show you the steps to seamlessly integrate your business process into a captivating user experience.


Making sure you and your team are all headed in the right direction.


To learn the knowledge and skills you need to design a captivating user experience in Pigment, enroll in the From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey learning path.



Application Level Inheritance Options


Application Level inheritance options

There are some inheritance options you always want, like ones from your rich great aunt that owns a castle or your parents' sense of adventure.

However, when it comes to Access Rights inheritance, sometimes you decide you are better off without it. There is now the ability to turn off all Access Rights inheritance for an entire Application. This eliminates the need for using the RESETACCESSRIGHTS function.  



New Support Portal


New Ticketing System

Try and avoid speeding and parking tickets while on vacation, but sometimes tickets happen. If it's a Pigment support ticket, we've got some good news.

We're super excited to announce that we're enhancing your experience with a brand new portal. When you press the 'Contact Us' button in Pigment you will notice a new look and feel.

We've reduced the amount of questions you are asked when raising tickets by using dependent fields, all the while allowing us to better understand your issue to get you the quickest resolution! 



Latest customer resources


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See Pigment in action with a live product demo!


Our product tours aren't just for prospects; many of our customers join to see how new features and other use cases can help them get even more value from Pigment! Click here to find a product tour that suits your use case, language and time zone.

NEW ARTICLE: 16 ways to save time in Pigment


In our latest Community article, we're sharing 16 tips for creating even more efficiency in Pigment, from collaboration features to workspace efficiency to staying on top of best practices. Click here to read the article and start saving time!


Want to catch up on previous newsletters?


We are posting all of our previous newsletters in the community, you can find them here. We're always looking to improve so please don't be shy and share your comments via e-mail, by contacting your Customer Success Manager, or by tagging me in any community discussions!



Chris from Pigment

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