Save time with Pigment's new Board improvements

  • 31 March 2023
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Save time with Pigment's new Board improvements!

Published 3/30/2023

expand n collapse all boards


Hi friends,

I am sure by now you've heard of FP&A week, but have you heard about all the latest Board improvements? From new additional Board permissions to new ways to save views, this month we focused on ways to improve our Board experience to help you gain back the hour daylight savings takes away in March.



New Board Additional Options 


Board Permissions Additional options


Last month we improved the experience of sharing Boards. This month we added additional options. Members with the "Can configure" permission on a Board, now have additional options to control the availability of two groups of features, View Customization and Block exploration.  

Estimated time savings: Ample time for reading the latest modeling guides.



Expand and collapse! 


Expand and Collapse all on Boards


We improved the way that all Members interact with Boards. Everyone can now expand or collapse rows and columns at any time. For all our Board designers out there, view edits are saved directly from Boards.  


Estimated Time savings: Enough to check out this spotlight on Women in Finance



Filter top and bottom brackets!


top N filter


When filtering with Metric values of integer, number or dates, you can choose to filter items in either the top or bottom brackets. You also get to define the size of your brackets. This is so exciting, I have a feeling our American friends will be talking about brackets for the rest of the month.


Estimated time savings: More then enough time to fill out some March Madness Brackets.



Net Present Value 




We introduced two new Financial functions for calculating Net Present Value, NPV  and XNPV.  For those unfamiliar with NPV, I am going to save you time from researching it by telling you its a math trick to calculate if something is a good investment or not. I wish I had this when I bought all those beanies babies as an investment.


Estimated time savings: Time to make a good investment by signing up for FP&A week.   



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Chris from Pigment

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