3 Tips when asking a question (to get the best answer)

  • 12 August 2022
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Hello Community members! 

Asking a modeling question to the Community? Here are 3 tips to help you get the best possible answers from your peers. 

  1. Give context around what you are trying to achieve and the different solutions you’ve come up with so far. This will help us understand your thought process and how you’ve come there, but most importantly help us write an explanation that makes sense in your case.
  2. When describing the blocks used in your example, make sure to identify each block’s type (Dimension, Transaction list, Metric, or Table). Additionally, make sure your block names are understandable by everyone (if they use a special naming convention in your application - please explain what they are).
  3. Explain the data type and dimensions of the blocks you list. This helps people understand the types of data you are working with. If you’re using a transaction list, explain the property types. 

For example: 

  • TX_Actuals: transaction list, properties:
    • order (data type= Order)
    • Amount (data type= number)
    • account_type (data type= Account Type)
  • Order: dimension:
    • name (data type= text)
    • month (data type= Month)
  • Account Type: dimension
    • name (data type= text)
  • Order Count: metric
    • data type= number
    • dimensions: MonthorderAccount Type
  • Amount by Month: metric
    • data type= number
    • dimensions: MonthorderAccount Type

Once you’ve received a helpful response, don’t forget to mark it as “best answer” in order to give points to those helping you and increase their ranking on the leaderboard!

1 reply

Additionally, when posting screenshots of your work, please remember to grey out any sensitive data such as email addresses, company names, full names, or financial figures that you don’t want others to see :)