Ability to add multiple metrics with same dimensions at the same time

  • 20 March 2024
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Hi Pigmenteers 🤗

I have an input table with 10 input metrics (same dimensions, serve the same purpose). I know how to create them 1 by 1 directly from the table (more convenient), but I’m curious whether there is a way in Pigment we can create them all at the same time? 🤔


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2 replies

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There is currently no feature yet about creating metrics in bulk. 

But this is a very nice idea and I suggest you go and create an Idea post in the Ideas section.

So other users can relate to and upvote it.

The Product Team will then review and possibly consider it for future improvements.


Many thanks for helping us improving our product.




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I’ll suggest it with Product team, thanks @Benoit!! 😊