Access Rights Without User Dimension

  • 7 November 2023
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Hi Team


I have a use case where i have certain questions as a dimension and there are in total 160 of them. We ask each property manager these question but for lets say Property A , we ask 50 questions and for property B we ask all 160 of them. 


How do i apply access right so only relevant questions get assigned to each of the properties? It doesnt need user access , just need to define it by property itself and questions.


Secondly, then i need to create a metric to track progress rate as to how many of these questions are still blank and for that as well, i need to divide it by only the applicable questions. So for example property A have 50 questions to answer and he have only done 5 so far, then my progress rate should be 5/50 i.e 10% not 5/160 which is taking the whole 160 questions in the original list of questions.





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Hi !

There are several ways to do this.

You could create a boolean metric MAP by Question x property, map the ones valid for each property and then use that to filter your other Question x Property Text metric where you’ll expect the answer.

If there’s no need for AR, I’d go for that. Otherwise yes you can apply AR but you’ll need to apply it by user (but you can calculate it by property and then just give to user what their properties grant them).


Your second point is easy to do. 

You can count the boolean I mentioned above by property like this:

MAP[BY COUNT: Property]

then another metric to count the answers



then you can do you progress ratio !