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  • 4 July 2022
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How do I construct my Actual with scenario feature? The source of my actual is a transaction list and when I was using versions I used  the formula below:


costs_data.'R$'[BY SUM : costs_data.'Datahub month', costs_data.'N3 - imports'.N3,  costs_data.'Cost center', costs_data.'P&L row Datahub'][BY: Version."Actual"] 
+-1*'Cost center expenses'.'R$'[BY SUM : 'Cost center expenses'.Mês, 'Cost center expenses'.'N3 - imports'.N3, 'Cost center expenses'.'Cost center', 'Cost center expenses'.'P&L Row'][BY: Version."Budget"]+'Expenses budget input'[BY SUM: Account.N3, Account.'P&L Rows'][BY: Version."Budget"][remove:Vendors]


But with scenarios I’m a little confused on how to make that.





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Hello @Carolina Lee

Scenarios feature that we just released has been conceived to handle “What if” Scenarios, therefore, it’s meant to replace your Scenarios pivot (Baseline, Best case, Worst case), not the Version dimension. If your applications have already been implemented with Version dimension, I suggest to activate the Scenarios on top and create 3 scenarios (Baseline, Best case, Worst case) but not try to add Budget and Actuals as Scenarios yet. We are currently working on a new feature that is meant to manage versions (actuals, forecast, budget) that will be rolled out during H2. I would wait until we release this new feature before re-working the formulas.

If you still need to proceed with this change and can’t wait for the new feature, I strongly suggest to get in touch with internal team to confirm that this transition is needed. To proceed with the change you need to setup different formulas per Scenario (for the blocks that are relevant for both Actuals and Budget data). Actuals formula will be based on the transaction list (the one that you shared but without the BY:Version.”Actual”) and the Budget formula will be based on other inputs blocks.

Let us know if you need further assistance.