Add a dimension in transaction list

  • 23 February 2023
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I am trying to say that if this property on this dimension list is blank, then just insert me an item from another dimension list.

But I get this and I tried to change the property type but it still gives me the same error message: “Expressions are incompatible and cannot all be converted to Text”


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Hi Kadija,


Can you please share the IF formula you are using (Feel free to change the text to anonymise) and hopefully I can help you with this :)!



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Hi @Khadija 

As, I am able to understand that you want to populate data in one dimension list property from other dimension list property. So please check data type of both source and target property. Both data type should be same.

Ex: We have three-dimension lists G1 Region, G2 Country and G3 Location.

G3 Location is having properties Region Code (Data Type:→ Text) and Country Name (Data Type:→ Country Dimension) and we want to fetch Region Code from G3 Location to G2 Country.

So, We will create one property in G2 Country named Region Code (Data Type:→ Text).

G3 Location Dimension List:


Now, We will apply Formula in G2 Country property (Region Code). Which will be 

'G3 Location'.'Region Code'[by firstnonblank: 'G3 Location'.'Country Name']

After applying Above formula, Data will be populated in the property.

G2 Country Dimension List:


Hope, Above details will help you to solve your Query.