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  • 7 July 2022
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Hello team,
I have created a text metric, which I would like to use as an explanations column next to our variances for actuals vs forecast and forecast vs budget. I tried to add it in the relevant table that I have (which brings all lines of our cashflow statement and all the amounts per month and per version, meaning forecast, budget, and actual). So far anything I tried did not seem to work, as usually it says the following: 
“Expressions are incompatible and cannot all be converted to Number”.


I would really appreciate if you could share any idea on how I could do that 😊 


Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi Eva,

Usually, you have this error message 

“Expressions are incompatible and cannot all be converted to Number”.

when you trying to input a formula where the output and the data type don’t match.

In this case it looks like your metric data type = number and the formula wants to return text.


My advise is to first verify your metric data type is of type text.

Then you can input your text directly into the cell.


Then ensure that the dimensions of your metric match what you need, if you have the most granular levels, you’ll have to input on the most granular levels, because inputs are not allowed on aggregated cells.


Please let me know if I can be of further help.