Adding empty rows in Tables

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi Pigment team,


I’m trying to add empty rows into my Table block, so that I can separate some categories of expenses from each other:


I tried to create and add empty “Placeholder” Metric, however it requires a name and I can’t simply leave it empty. Is there another way to add such empty rows between items?






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Hi Dastan,

While you can easily have a blank name as a dimension display name, it looks like you cannot with metrics.


Using an empty metric with a minimal name

I recommend you create a technical metric with no dimension (whatever the format). You can use it in a table by simply adding it and renaming it to something minimal like a dot (.) or a dash (-) which I hope is minimal enough for your report.

To have several blank lines, you can right click on the name of the metric and click on Add this metric again to use this spacer multiple times.


Playing with the colors

Another solution would be to right-click on any line, add the metric again, and format it as invisible by unlinking background color and text color by clicking the lock between the pickers. Making them both white will “hide” both the name and the values. Make sure you click on Grid headers to also format the header of the row.

Make sure you click on Grid headers to also format the title of the line


The following screenshot is the outcome:

The line in between is a metric, colored white for both background and text


These suggestions are clearly workarounds, I also think it would be best if we had more formatting options to present your tables directly in the desired format, however this is clearly a long journey!

In the meantime, I suggest you use a combination of both using an empty metric with unlinked colors to have a blank line in your table.

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Hi Francois,


Thanks for the help. Second option is what we needed!

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Small addition:

you can also use the empty unicode character ⠀to rename your metrics and thus make them empty

“⠀” U+2800 Braille Pattern Blank Unicode Character (

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Good point @Nathan !

@Dastan if you think more formatting options are beneficial to your usage of Pigment, please describe what you think is important to you and your colleagues in the Product Ideas section of the Pigment Community.

Other Pigment users can then vote for these ideas and it helps our Product team understand what features are the most expected - we’ll probably build it eventually, but having a lot of votes ensures you get it faster!