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  • 9 August 2022
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Hello all, 


I want to aggregate 7 metrics with the following dimensions: version, month, order_id. 

One of these has checkout_id dimensions in addition, then i removed it. In addition, 2 metrics (Offer_order_Level and Wallet_order_level) have day in dimension structure instead of month (for a matter of optimization), however, month is a property of day. I do not achieved to aggregate those metrics. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot 😉




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5 replies

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Hi Alix,
To go from Day structure to Month, you simply have to type [BY: Day.Month].

I think you should try to open several Formula Playgrounds in parallel to first set all members to your desired structure, so version, month, order_id then add them up. Otherwise, Pigment will try to multiply all cells by all dimensions which hits the cardinality limit quickly (plus it adds no value).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot François! I understand the logic, but I think it’s heavy because it’s not working… :/ 

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It gives that - but still not working and lagging: 


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This one is solved now I believe 😁

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Yes sure, sorry for missing updating! Thanks Yohann 😁