Aggregating a Dimension Flag by Quarter

  • 2 September 2022
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I was looking into a ticket with a colleague and found a use case where a customer was using a Metric to track if an employee is ramped or ramping.

The configuration is a simple metric, dimensioned by Employee and Month with a datatype of a Dimension (Used to flag whether an employee is ramping or ramped)

Dimension Flag Metric
Dimension Flag Metric Configuration

This works perfectly when bucketing sales into either being made during the Ramping/Ramped phase to help with forecasting.


However, if you want to account for quarters you end up with values in Ramping and Ramped.


To account for this I assigned a value to each dimension


Then I aggregated the values in a Metric dimensioned by Quarter instead of Month


I was then able to create a similar metric to before, but this time, if any month in the quarter contained ‘Ramping’ the whole month, would display as ‘Ramping’


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