Allocate Product Groups down to Product level by % Mix

Hi - I’m new to Pigment having spent many years working with TM1 and am struggling with some of the new concepts and methods ! - Trying to find a way to allocate multiple Product Groups down to the Product level. I have the product mix % by Product Group but can’t find a way to only multiply the mix within each Product Group. 
In simple terms its:-
IF (Product.Group (property of Product) = Product Group (Dimension) THEN Product Group* % Mix of Product in that Product Group.

I was able to get it to work if I hard coded one Product Group (Type) but can’t find way to make dynamic on all product groups. 

Sales_By_Product_Group  [Select: '02a.Product Type'.Type = "Barbecue"]*
IF('02.Product'.Type = "Barbecue",'02.Product'.'% of Product Group Sales',0)

In short is there a way to replace “Barbecue” so it iterates through all the Product Groups (Types) ?  

Thank you all !

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Hi @WillE ,

Since you have the sales by Product Group you can allocate it to the Product level using the Product Group property in the Product dimension and multiply it by the % Mix at product level.
So your formula would be :

'Sales by Product Group'[BY: 'Products'.'Product Group'] * '% Mix Product'

Hope this helps,

@Issam Moalla - Thanks for your help - Part of my issue was I had not set up the Property of the dimension properly but now I am good.