Applying a specific months value to all months in a year

  • 14 February 2024
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I am trying to reference the headcount for December and apply it to all months in the relevant financial year as part of a calculation. i.e if head count in Dec 24 in 100 and Dec 25 is 150, the formula would show 100 for all months in 2024 and 150 in all months of 2025.

Has anyone done anything like this before and found a solution?





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You should be able to do this by chaining two BY:


By typing Value[BY SUM: Month.Year][BY CONSTANT: Month.Year], you first apply the Dec value to the corresponding year (100 in Dec 22 → 100 in FY22) then reapply the yearly value on every month of the year (100 in FY22 → 100 on all months of FY22)

Have a try in the formula playground! I encourage you to try and type:

  • Value
  • Value[BY SUM: Month.Year]
  • Value[BY SUM: Month.Year][BY CONSTANT: Month.Year]

Hope this helps!