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  • 11 April 2024
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I am trying to build a balance sheet in Pigment.

My saved search in Netsuite lists all transactions but, to show the balance, I need to sum all of the transactions from all previous months.  How do I do this in Pigment?

Alternatively, given I don’t actually need balances broken down by transaction in Pigment, would I be better off to try and find a way of extracting balances from Netsuite so that I can use those?  (though I am not sure how I do that so any idea on that gratefully received too)



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Using a simple transactional data table as an example. 
List contains columns for Account, Company and Month, which are type ‘Dimension’ and Amount, which is number type. 

From this you can build a new metric, which has dimensions Account, Company and Month and use the  ‘BY SUM’-function.
In case you want to cumulate values, you can add the ‘CUMULATE-function’.


From here you can find the documentation for the BY SUM and CUMULATE functions. 

I also suggest to check out the best practices for naming conventions since this will help you keep everything organized when you start to have more metrics.


Hope this helps to get you started.