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  • 3 February 2023
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Hello !

I would like to duplicate a board for our German team (I have currently created a sales reporting for our French and Belgian team). However, if I duplicate this board and apply “Germany” in my Country dimension page, it also applies this country to my other board (for France and Belgium)… Do you know how I can unlink the 2 boards so that when I select a country, it doesn’t change the country in the other board?




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5 replies

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Hi Élodie,

Context in page selectors is persistent, which means if you choose Germany on one side it will replicate it on the other ones. This means that even though you may have selected default options, it will keep your choice of country when changing boards.

You can however change the Available items to force your Country selection only on those you want to display, like Germany vs France + Belgium. If those are not available, even though your Pigment knows you’d like to see Germany, it will only show France + Belgium.


You could also force values using specific filters in your view, and not using Country selectors.


Hope this helps!

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Another option could be to keep only one board but apply Access Rights by Users on the Country dimension. That way when the German team will connect to the same board they will only see the Germany data while the Belgian team or the French team will only see their country data too.

Using this method require to set an Access Right rule in the settings of your application (to find out more about it, you can read this article) but you wont need to duplicate the board!

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Hi François and Gawain,

Thank you both for your answers!

I will try the Available Items or filter option, because I need to have 2 boards (one in French and the other in English 😊).

Have a nice day!

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Hi Élodie,

I’ve just posted a guide on using multiple properties to change grid headers - further translating your dashboards.

I think this could also help you in making more familiar dashboards for your local users!

Also, please let us know if the above solutions have helped you!

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Thank you very much François!

I have updated my boards by using the available items settings as you suggested 😊