Build BP from growth assumptions

  • 31 July 2023
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I’m trying to start making hypotheses for next year's BP based on percentage growth.
I started with Revenue but I find myself with the following problem that I am not able to solve.
I simply want to formulate that the Revenue, for example, of January 2024 is that of January of the previous year  *  % growth. This % I have entered into a metric that I have created where I have put a % growth for each month of the year 24. However, I do not want the Revenue metrics already established in Pigment to vary or be modified, since they are the ones that give us our Revenue figures for different versions (actuals, forecast, target, etc.).
Basically, what I want is to filter the information to which I want this % of growth to be applied, which in this case is only for the year 2024

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Hi Nacho,


For this, you can create a boolean metric by version called “Apply new revenue logic”. Check if by default and uncheck your “old” versions.


Now go to where you want to change your formula and do:

IF(Apply new revenue logic,

    your new formula,

    your old formula


This way when you read your formula, you easily understand what it does.


ps: if your revenue is not a formula but an input, you’ll need to create a new metric in your app that will insert itself between your “old” metric and the new next one:


IF(Apply new revenue logic,

    your new formula,

    your old metric with inputs