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Hello team, I would like to update my calendar and instead of FY 22 to show 2022 as we are still in July and having as a header “FY 22” might be misleading for external readers. When I try to update the property closing year, I get the below message. Is there a workaround here?



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Hi Marina,

You can’t edit the default property values in the system generated calendar dimensions but you can add new properties

Insert a Property
Select a name and type
Add your new value


You can then use this property.


In this usecase I would change the default view of the property, you can do that by doing the following;

Open the ‘Year’ Block Settings
Navigate to ‘Special Properties’ and then change the ‘Default display name’ to the new property
This value will then show by default


I hope this helps but do let me know if I can help further!

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It worked! thanks so much!