Chaining dimension properties across dimensions

  • 28 February 2023
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Hey everyone,


I have a transaction list of revenue by month by User ID.


My User ID dimension has the property “Employer”.


My Employer dimension has the property “Parent Company”.


I want to create a metric with dimensions Months and Parent Company to sum the revenue from my transaction list.


How do I chain the dimension properties in the by sum statement? I need to go from User ID > Employer > Parent Company across multiple dimension lists.






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1 reply

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I figured it out! Posting in case anyone else has the same question.


I was chaining them in reverse, trying to start with the most aggregated (Parent Company) and come down to the User ID in my transaction list. They need to go the opposite direction.


So the statement is:

[by sum: 'IMPORT - Revenue by User ID'.trx_month, 'Import - Revenue by User ID'.user_id.users_employer_id.ParentCo]