Challenges with Application Duplication

  • 25 May 2022
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Wondering if anyone has encountered some of the same issues I have after duplicating an application and found ways to resolve them.

1. The duplication process has been complete for over a day and I still see [PARTIAL] on the new application. Is this something to be worried about?

  1. After duplication my new application has an error related to the User Roles metric which has limited details on how I might fix the problem. Not entirely sure why this error would appear since the application is an exact copy of an existing application where everything works.
    New Application
    Old Application



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I am Benoit, Technical Support Manager at Pigment.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

I saw that you’ve also raised a Support ticket as well and we are currently having a look at it.

We are going to communicate with you through the ticket as it’s a Support issue. 

In the end, I’ll share a summary in this Community topic to explain the situation, so everyone facing the same situation can know more about how to solve it.

Many thanks for your understanding.



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Received my answer from support and thought I should share here if anyone else encounters the challenge!

We've found that the issue is caused by a circular dependency. The application you're trying to copy refers to the Data Hub. The Data Hub has a reference to the application you are trying to copy.
More precisely you define the Users Roles metric in the '4. ARR' application, which is imported as the 'ARR Roles' property in the 'Master User Roles' dimension of the hub.
This is then re-used in turn by the metrics 'Permissions by User: Rule #1 - Execs' and 'Permissions by User: Rule #2 - Non Execs' from the '4. ARR' application.
When you copy the application it is also trying to copy this circular reference but Pigment does not have the ability to map this on a copied application.
There are two solutions;

  1. Stop using the data hub for access rights and maintain access in the individual applications
  2. Only use the data hub for access rights and in the applications refer to the datahub for access