Closing and Opening Balance

  • 24 April 2024
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Need help on how to pull in previous month closing balance in Opening Balance Metric. Closing Balance refers to the Opening Balance. Basically Circular Ref, and just for ref need function similar to previous of Anaplan


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Hi @Nakul ,

To get rid of the circular reference, you use this article from @Nathan : 

Basically, your Ending Balance formula will be :
PREVIOUS(Month) + Movements_In + Movements_Out

Your Beginning Balance formula will be :

‘Ending Balance’[SELECT:Month-1]


Also, if you only intend to display the Beginning Balance in a table, you just need to create the Ending Balance metric and add it twice to the table :

  1. One to display the Ending Balance data
  2. One to display the Beginning Balance data by leveraging the Show Value As functionality with an Offset on Previous month item.



Let me know if that makes sense


Solution worked, the Pigment Show as function also worked. The only condition that I will need to add is the first month opening balance to be picked from other table. Do you think we can do from Show as feature directly.