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  • 22 December 2022
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Hello community :) 


I have a dimension with all my employee (including externals),their start/end dates and others. Looks like this: 


To create my forecast on my externals: i want to have a table aside with manual inputs for costs that i can update for each month. I do not want to compute costs by multiplying FTE according to start/end date. At resulats, i would love a metrics with my externals (job_id), costs (than i can enter manually) and months. Then i could add this metrics to my permanent employee cost metrics since i would have the same dimensions (job_id, employee, month.

how can i do it ? 

Thanks a lot :) 


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4 replies

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Or maybe asolution (but i do not achieve to build it), is to add a property in Job_ID when i enter my self an average monthly cost and i assign this cost constantly between the start month and end month (the same average value each month the external is working)

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Hi Alix,

If my understanding of your issue is correct, I believe what you want to do is create an intermediate metric that indicates when an employee is "active" or "inactive". You will then be able to apply the cost in the months that the employee is "active".

Let me outline the steps with a quick example:

  1. In the below screenshot, I have created an Employee dimension list. The properties are:
    - ID
    - Start Date
    - End Date
    - Cost



  1. Using this list and the date properties within it, we can then create a metric that gives us the proportion of a given month that each employee is active for. We do this by using the PRORATA function.



  1. Finally, let's create a new metric in which we multiply the above by the Cost property.




Hopefully this example makes sense and is at least somewhat similar to what you are trying to achieve.

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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Hi @Alix Noyon! Just checking in on whether Matt’s answer helped with this? 

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Hey! It was not really the aime but i have find something else! Thanks a lot :)