Customer Rank globally & regional in one Board Widget?

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi Community,

is it possible to have a monthly ARR ranking metric which combines globally & regional rankings? 


Page Filter “None/All”, globally,

Page Filter “EMEA”, ranking within “EMEA”,

Page Filter “AMERICAS”, ranking within “AMERICAS”,


I was able to create a global & a regional view but it would be great to have this combined for our Dashboard, so that we can toggle through the regions.


Thanks & BR,



Best answer by Matt D 15 November 2023, 14:42

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Hi Daniel,

One method that I believe you could use to achieve your desired functionality would be to use an input metric to manually filter the ARR before applying the RANK.

Let me take you through a small example to demonstrate how to do this.

Firstly, lets take the below ARR metric. This is dimensioned by the Market dimension list. Each Market is mapped to a Region, and this relationship is displayed in the rows. (I do not have Month as a dimension here, as you mentioned in your question, but I believe the logic could still be applied).


I then create a ‘Rank Grouping Input’ metric. This is a metric of data type Region that has no dimensions.


With these first two metrics, I can now create a metric that gives me the ARR of the Markets that are mapped to the Region I have selected in the second metric. Note that the formula ensures that if no Region is selected, then all Markets are shown.


And then the final metric, which applies the RANK function to the output of the previously mentioned metric. If I select the Region of EMEA in the ‘Rank Grouping Input’ metric, then I end up with the output below.




If I put some of these metrics together on a board, I could end up with a view like in the screenshot below.



Hopefully this solution makes sense and you can leverage it to resolve your query.


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Hi Matt,

thanks for your answer.

If i understand your approach right there is a need to add a “second” filter (metric) instead of using the dimension filter.

It’s a bit inkonvenient, as all other widgets are based on dimension filters and for the Ranking an additional filter has to be applied, but let me check.




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Hi Matt,

your suggested approach worked and it looks good.