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  • 10 October 2022
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I am trying to get a formula to work showing each persons quota by quota code based on tenure. I have created a Years dimensions that outlines  year 1 = $1 year 2 = $2  ect ect with the quota value being a property in that dimension. I have then created a metric outlining each quota code by month and then plugged in the year dimension to help map how many months of what quota are needed. 


All I need is to to get the below to show the number value for that year dimension listed. What is the last piece I am missing to get this to work ? 


I keep getting errors. Thank you for your help!!



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Here’s what I’d do in a Formula Playground:

  • start by typing your source metric (should be 'Code by Month by Year')

  • look at the result. The target format should be your Year Number (or similarly named) dimension. 

  • you can now use property chaining! 'Code by Month by Year'.'Quota Value'. This will turn the dimension-type metric into a number metric.

This should do the trick, please tell me if there’s an extra step I’ve missed.



Worked like a dream!! Thank you so much!!! 🙌🏻