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Is there a way when different modelers upload data in the same transaction list, to have a dimension that maps the user who uploaded the specific lines? To be able to filter & make changes only to data related to 1 user. Or should this be something included in the import files ? 


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Hi Marina,


Currently there is not a way to add a static value to an import and so this should be added to the import source file.

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Hi Marina,

As Keiran said, we do not have a way to add a static value to an import as it.

However, we can work around this to find a solution. If we attach a modeler to a property with a N:1 relation, it is possible to filter & make changes regarding to the modeler who modified the transaction list.

First, you create your metric with all the modelers you want in :
Then you attache the modeler to the country. In you case, it would be one modeler to many countries.
After that, you can add the Modeler property to our configure panel (here in the page) to show your transaction list regarding to the modeler you choose.
And know, you can filter on the page with the modeler you want.

Let me know if this solution answer you question. 

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Hello Ali, this seems like a nice workaround however for our model this wont work 100% correct as our modelers are not always only on a country / city level. So depending the P&L line it could be based on the city but in other cases it could be based on the P&L line. I think we will just insert a new field in our transaction list with the modeler name - at least for now! thanks a lot though!