Failed Import - CSV Data Type - "Transfer didn't successfully complete"

  • 13 June 2023
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Hi Pigment Community,

We have daily scheduled imports that are uploaded automatically from an API connection with Xero.

I’ve never had an issue with them for many months, but all of a sudden 3 of them had error messages this morning.

Any troubleshooting ideas to resolve this? Screenshots of the specific error message below.



3 out 5 imports failed
The error message I’m getting



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3 replies

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Hey Gab,


Our engineer reached out to me and told me he saw the issue this morning. He found an improvement to ensure this would not happen again.



  • if your import is on schedule, it should run correctly tomorrow
  • you can relaunch it manually until then to get the latest data

Hi @Nathan ,

Can you please flag to your engineer that the issues have not resolved themselves. I still have most of my imports coming up as errors this morning. In fact, another one of my imports is broken as of this morning ( that was not broken yesterday).

If you could please provide an update ASAP, it would be much appreciated.



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Indeed I ha da wrong timing, it was fixed this morning, not yesterday. Our support will be looking into the issue.

When you get an error like “Unexpected error occurred”, i advise to use the support instead of community, it will be more efficient