Filter function for multiple contitions

  • 25 May 2023
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Hi, I am looking for a way of using the filter function with two conditions. 
Example: Looking for a sum of specific accounts and cost centers. lets say for accounts: 400,401 and 406 and from cost centers 21;1000;1150;1321;1400;2321;2400.

I am already using the filter to look for the sum of the accounts, but found out that I need it on specific cost centers as well 

Any ideas how to solve this? :) 

- Benedikte


Best answer by Franck C 25 May 2023, 11:04

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4 replies

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Hey Benedikte, 


have you tried using the filter modifier and the “in” operator ? Something like this : 

[filter: ‘Cost Center’ in (‘Cost Center’.”21”, ‘Cost Center’.”1000” ,...)] 


Hey Franck, thanks! how do I combine the filter for cost center specifications and specific accounts? :) 

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You can use AND and OR : 

[Filter: 'Cost Center' in ('Cost Center'."1", ...) AND 'Account' in ('Account'."404" , ...)]


Merci :)