Filter timescale by day and month in one grid

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi community! 

I need to filter grid in board by days and month. I have a boolean metric “Show days?” and when it is TRUE I want to see in grid only days, when its FALSE I want to see only months. 
How can I do it?

3 replies

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Hi Ivan, we are looking into this and should be able to provide an answer shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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Hello Ivan!

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently we don’t have any native functionality allowing you to apply “metric based” filters on View Pivots (Months and Days). However we would like to know more about what you are trying to accomplish to better understand the underlying need. Why do you want to show more granular data in some occasions? and what’s the condition you are using to calculate “Show days?”? Thank you!

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Hello @Andrea

End users work with the board in the following order:
1. Set up the period they want to see on tables and charts. For example, From September 2022 to December 2022. I understand how to set up this filter, but when you change from or to, these changes are applied to other users, which should not work like this and I did not find a solution to this problem.
2. Users need the ability to drill down to days to analyze data within a month. And also see the daily data passing from month to month, for example, from 15 November 2022 to 15 December 2022. To make the board look more compact, I need the "Show days?" filter. So that the end users can analyze the data within a single page.