Filtering Views - When can you filter by properties?

  • 30 December 2022
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Hi! For creating filtering views, why aren’t some dimensions allowed to be filtered by properties? For example, I have a dimension in my data hub for balance sheet accounts and some additional properties within that dimension, but I’m unable to filter by those properties. 

What I can do instead is add BS_Accounts → Property as a filter on the right-side bar, and restrict it to what I want to filter 

Filtering View unable to select “Property” for Dimension “BS_Accounts”:


Filtering “BS_Accounts” Via Pages in Sidebar and Restricting Dropdown List:



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5 replies

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Hi Sai,

Using the filter button near the top of the view for a metric or a table allows you to filter based on the dimensions “viewable” in that table. In the screenshot below, I am filtering in a metric dimensioned by Employee and Month.




However, in the Employee dimension, I have Entity as a property. I can add ‘Entity’ to the view in the pivot/configure data panel on the right. Note that I have added it into the rows; the property dimension must be in either the rows or the columns to be used as part of a filter.



If I now hit the filter button near the top, I have the ability to filter on ‘Employee > Entity’.




Hope this helps :)

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Hi @Sai - just checking to ensure you have what you need on this now? Let us know if not!

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Thank you for following up. In the below screenshot you provided, wouldn’t you be able to select “Property” in the drop down where it says “Items” instead of adding the property to the view? 



However, I don’t have that option in the below even though BS_Accounts has several properties in the dimension.


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Hi Sai,

To help me understand your issue, can you please send two screenshots showcasing the following:

  1. Your BS_Account dimension list and properties within it
  1. The metric in which you want to apply the filter and the dimensions within it


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Hi Matt - I spoke with Keiran from support on this. Seems like the table I was using had a bug that prevented me from using the BS_Accounts properties to filter by. We did a workaround by moving around the BS_Accounts dimensions within the visible rows. Once the bug is fixed, this should no longer be an issue.