Formating formula syntax

  • 11 January 2023
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Hi Pigment team:

I’m trying to format the formulas so I can make them easier to read.

For instance, I have a formula that is an addition of 4 items and goes on for 5 lines (difficult to read), I’m looking to structure the formula in 4 lines (easier to digest):

= Item 1 +

Item 2 +

Item 3 +

Item 4


Is this something we can do?


Thanks in advance :D

3 replies

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Hi @Guillermo Puls ,

You can use SHIFT + ENTER to add new (blank) lines in your formula. 

Something like this: 


You can also add comments with “//” (for single line) and “/*” and “*/” for multiple lines. Hope this helps. 

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For more advice on formula formatting, here’s an article I’ve written that has some advice on what you can do.

In that case, I’d recommend having the + at the start of the line, as I find it easier to see at a glance.

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Thanks Stef and François,

I tried command /Control + Enter and wasn’t working, now that article sits in my favourites.

Thanks again!