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  • 3 March 2023
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Hi Team,

I want to know how can we hide scenarios which are already shared in previous application but we donot want them in our current applicaton.

For example: I have a shared scenario of “Worst case” from previous application but, in my current application i donot want this scenario. Since i can’t unshare it, please tell me how to hide the scenario.


2 replies

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Hi @Team Planafin 

As per me, We can not hide any Shared and Unshred Scenario in Pigment but it should be there.

Only, We have an option to hide all shared and unshared scenario from Column and Row in Blocks.


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It’s in the roadmap to give you the ability to define in which specific Applications each Scenario should exist. 

if your need is rather to hide specific Scenarios from Scenario selector you can use the Page Options to define the “Available items” you want to display in the Scenario Selector.